A platform to turn managers into inspired and objective people managers
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With this collaborative people management solution any team leader can now evaluate team members and help them reach their full potential. It’s simple, fast, objective and based on our universal Q7 HRframework™. The Q7Leader solutions are based on best HR practices and take into account roles & responsibilities, performance, talent potential, vision & values, resource & succession planning.

Q7 Team Scan

The Team Scan generates augmented HR dashboards and humanized analytics in real-time. It guarantees a consistent, equitable and objective approach throughout the full employee lifecycle, adjustable to organizations whatever their size might be.

Q7 Experts & Services

Q7 Experts bring value to an organization by embedding collaborative thinking, empowering and inspiring managers, enabling role & responsibility segmentation and optimizing organizational design. All leading a ‘learning’ organization to its fullest potential.



  • Embedding a universal, future-proof methodology and terminology

  • Better and inspired (people) managers on all levels of the company

  • Higher productivity and performance across the organization

  • Active collaborative thinking between managers in the organization

  • Sustainable, strategic organizational design & thinking
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Q7 HR Framework
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Q7 Leader - Turn managers
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The Collaborative Revolution

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